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The journal Les Cahiers de droit is an important platform for the publication of work by legal experts from Québec, and also for authors from outside its borders. The journal frequently contains articles by researchers from English Canada, France, Belgium and elsewhere, and features key scientific texts by legal scholars working in the civil law tradition who wish to preserve this important cultural heritage. In addition, though, it is open to studies in the fields of public, common, comparative and international law. It is essentially a French-language journal, but regularly includes papers in English, which are given the same consideration for publication as articles in French.

The articles published in the journal are carefully selected after an anonymous assessment by two experts in the field concerned. The journal’s reputation for excellence is founded on this rigorous assessment process, and the journal is recognized for its scientific content, high quality and broad distribution. Quality is never compromised in order to complete an issue. These factors, along with the short publication lead-times and the professional, courteous relationship the journal staff maintains with all authors, have made several of them regular contributors.

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