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Editorial committee

The editorial committee meets twice every year to define guidelines and policies for the journal, set priorities and plan the upcoming thematic issue. It also ensures that the quality of the journal is maintained and that it is properly managed. Although the editorial committee is not involved in the article selection process, the journal’s editor (Mélanie Samson) may consult its members in cases of doubt or difficulty.

The members of the editorial committee are appointed by the editor for a term of three years, renewable once only. The editor ensures that the committee remains representative by selecting academics, and also judges and legal practitioners, as members. The editorial committee currently includes four law professors (Marie-Ève Arbour, faculty of law, Université Laval; Dominique Bélanger, judge at the Courts Appeal of Quebec; Sylvio Normand, faculty of law, Université Laval; one political science professor Sylvie Loriaux, Université Laval), one lawyer of McCarthy Tétrault (Jacob Stone) and Marie-Claude Prémont, professor at ENAP.

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