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The scholarly journal Les Cahiers de droit is published by the Faculty of Law at Laval University. It was founded in 1954, and is now one of the oldest law journals in Canada. Its core mission is to promote the development and evolution of the law both inside Québec and beyond its borders. The journal focuses on publishing original work that helps advance knowledge or that critically informs readers about the state of the law. For many years, the journal has also published an annual thematic issue, which provides an opportunity to target areas in which the law is in a state of flux and to make an active contribution to the creation and dissemination of legal doctrine.

From the outset, the journal has applied a generalist approach. Like most North American law journals, it reports on research in all fields of law that may be of interest to a readership with a broad range of needs: university researchers, legislative drafters, judges and legal practitioners. In addition, it attracts readers outside the legal community by publishing the results of pluri-disciplinary research with a legal component. This generalist outlook allows the journal to explore various fields of law, especially those currently undergoing change. Besides articles reviewing law in Québec and Canada, the journal publishes research into international law and the domestic law of other countries, as well as comparative law studies.

Articles are selected on the basis of the journal’s own objectives, which include publishing papers that make an original contribution to the advancement of legal science. The final selection is made by the journal’s editorial staff, basing their decisions on the opinions provided by two outside experts who assess articles anonymously.

The journal is currently edited by André Bélanger, a faculty member at Laval University, assisted by an editorial committee and scientific committee made up of law professors, judges and academics.

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